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Sunday, 17 June 2012


 Pinoy Fitness Eco Runners just arrived at Subic Lighthouse at around 4:00 in the morning on June 09, 2012. Everyone was tired yet nervous and excited with the outcome of this race. There is no cash prize but only a race for a bragging rights on each players and the whole team. I actually dont know why i joined this event. I've just heard this to my teammates that we are going to make this race possible and will surely have fun and win if we are going to unite as one family and group of happy people.

These are the runners from Race Legs 1-5 wearing our PF Eco Runner Shirt, Coach Mherlz was our First Runner, all the support vehicles are not allowed to follow the runners but the organizers assigned 2 Bike Marshalls per runner. The Bike Marshall's work was to follow but not give to instructions to the runners. The first leg started at Lighthouse SBMA around 5:25am and ended up at Brgy Nagboloyong Morong at 10:30 am with our Last Runner Peachy Tamayo and Pass the Baton to Cecil Macogay for the 2nd Batch of Players. 

These were the first group photo op at Bataan Nuclear Power Plant when Peachy the last runner from the first Batch. 
From the 1st five race of the leg, our turn to run was started from 10:30 am at Brgy. Nagboloyong Morong-Mt. Samat Bataan and it ended around 3:00 in the afternoon. Each runners wear their Pinoy Fitness Shirt and ran under the sun. We were blessed because nobody get hurt, injured and got a problem like heat stroke and etc while running under the sun oh well except than we got tanned due to the high intensity of the sun. Bob was the last runner on the First 10 leg.

This is me at around 12:00 in the afternoon at Runners Exchange Point 8 waiting for my turn to run from Parac, Bagac to Liyang Pilar. I know my nervousness is killing me and everytime its getting closer and closer i always ended up going to the bathroom to pee. It is a sign of nervousness but in the picture it doesnt show. 

When Edgar arrived at Runners Exchange 8 and after hand it over the baton, i ran and ran faster looking forward to finish the race immediately because i was running under the sun.

The Van followed after 15mins and Cheryl took a shot inside the van while i was running at around 1:25 in the afternoon. I thought the water im carrying would have enough for my hydration but i was wrong, The distance i was running was not 6.4 but instead it was 8.4 thats the Bike Marshall told me. I only took it like around 39minutes but take me so long i ran out of water and i was really dehydrated this time but i have no choice but to continue what i have started. 

Approaching Runners Exchange 9 passing the Baton to Bob Tolete under the heat intensity i was really excited to go to the exchange point because it was freaking damn hot. I was run out of water here, dehydrated and my skin was totally tanned up. 

Heres my support crew and team mates was really helpful, they gave me cold water and took off everything in my arms and all the excess baggage in my body so i can easily breathe out and to avoid the heat stroke. While Bob was running already it took us around 20mins to leave the area because i have to use the bathroom and took a shower instead for the refreshment of my body. 

And we are finally here at the Liyang Pilar, Summit of Mount Samat, took this picture because i was amazed with the scenic view of the cross and the sun. 

Scene from Van 2 When Bob Arrived at Mt. Samat it only took him 1 hour for the 9.5 distance and we were happy that we arrived early on the cut off time. Our turn has ended on the 2nd part of the first 10 race legs. The runners from vehicle 1 was already preparing to leave because Coach Mherlz was running downhill  and that start for another 2nd part of the 2nd 10 of the race legs. 

Pinoy Fitness Eco Runners powered by Nathan Sports Products running at night. Only 7 of us had the pictures running at night, maybe the photographers was tired and sleepy that is why lala, Phillip and Mharu was not in this picture. We started running in the dark in the middle morong Bagac Boundary to San Narciso Zambales. Bob was lost and Runnox took so much time running his leg, it was really hard on that part as in total darkness along the road no cars, no light posts only the light of the vehicle gives light for the runners. 

This was the last scene on the 30 leg of the race after Bob have checked in at the time of 6:22 in the morning we have our group picture taken by Ryan Moral together with us was our Bike Marshalls who also went with our journey all the way up to 250 km it was Boyet and Anthea. We were all proud we did it on an early time. 

Success and enjoyment the feeling of finishing the race of 250km at almost 25hours was really unbelievable. It was truly unpredictable. Kudos to all of the runners who did their best shot run on their own pace and run brave towards the night. It was such a blessing in disguise that our prayers was really answered. We crossed the finish line strong and injury free. We are one proud Team and of Course our Head Managers which are Jeff Lo and Cheryl Castaneda were the one so happy and proud. Thanks God, thanks who believe on us that we can do this and thanks for the trust that the team members gave during our race. 

After finishing the race we were given this Powerade hydration and photo op at the photo booth. One proud team who conquered the Town of Subic, Bataan and Zambales within 25hours of an epic relay style. 

At the finish line together with our Team Bike Marshalls Boyet and Anthea who ran with us from the start up to the last leg of the race. Thank you so much for these two guys for their heartfelt dedication watching over us while running and guiding us towards our destination. 

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