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Sunday, 13 May 2012


After Camping at Anawangin Cove, The Conqueror's decided to sailed straight towards to Capones Island together with our Boatmen Kuya Alex and Kuya Noel. Everyone is excited to see the breathtaking view of the Island.

One of the Main Attraction in Capones Island is the Lighthouse.

Ulysses Mantes told us to stand up here and have our picture taken. He was trying to experiment the photo on earth and the outcome was really great. 

24 Conquerors hop on this island and enjoy every single moment of it! Time Flies only for a couple of hour we just warned by our boat man to leave the island because of the high tide.

The photo from the left taken by Ulysses was the way going to the Lighthouse while the Photo from the left was the place where the boatmen drop us off.     

I never had a dull moment to make a pose everywhere. Because every place I go the view was really amazing. The photo Above was taken by Ted Fomatiga. The shot was really amazing even. And the photo on the left corner was taken by Ulysses Mantes. I never had a dull moment to stand up on the Stone To have this photo taken. The Overlooking from the top and the people from the ground was really amazed when i stand up there.

Along the way going up to the Lighthouse every one was looking for a different angle on how they can take pictures. And i got mine perfectly.

See how breathtaking the view was. 5 Conqueror's Stand up there to just post a moment and Hola Cowa bonga. Ulysses did a great shot taking this one.It was such an amazing one.

Together with me was Elvin Pastorfide and Christopher Sta. Cruz who was suddenly get amazed on that rocky part that's why we never hesitated to climb up here. And a lot of them followed us.

                    See How lovely the view from the top of this Rockies.

Going up into the lighthouse is so easy to go to but because a lot of beautiful places in every corner you cannot just go there right away. Most of us had a great time taking our pictures from different views.All l the hard work climbing over a rocky mountain comes a magnificent view of the Coastline of the West Philippine Sea.

The Buwis Buhay Girls aka BB Girls strike a pose again. A breathtaking view  Together with Christopher AKA Prisoner at the main gate of the lighthouse.

At the top of the Lighthouse where you can view everything. Together with me was Jaypee Rosette. Hannah and John Bueno


fROM the top of the Summit 

 View from the other side of the Capones

The waves in this part of the country are particularly rough and strong, especially during the season when the strong winds locals refer to as “Norte” arrive by June. Sea waves during this time could trample down big motorized boats, even those with outriggers, leaving people stranded in the middle of the sea.
After a couple of hour of taking pictures from different views of Capones. The Boatman warned us that we have to leave the Island right away because of the High Tide. We didnt even get a chance to go to Camara Island due to the heavy waves along the way. So we decided to stay in Pundaquit at Kuya Alex's Place to where everyone can swim at the Beach and take a shower and prepared for the post Climb Meeting. I am surely going back to this Place. I want to try it  all. Next Destination will be Camara to Capones to Nagsasa cove. 

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