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Monday, 4 June 2012


Chris Sports EPIC RELAY 250
June 9-10, 2012
Subic Bay to Bataan and Zambales
10 Team Mates, 2 Vans, 250KM

Registration Fees:
ALL CATEGORIES (with 10 MEMBERS): (Early Bird: Php 12,000) (Regular rate : Php 13,500)
ULTRA: (with 5 MEMBERS): (Early Bird: Php 10,000) (Regular rate: Php 10, 750)

Prizes For:
- Top Finisher Teams
- Best Team Uniform
- Best in Vehicle Dress Up
- Best Team Name
Cut off time is 40 hours to cover 250KM in relay style During the relay, each team member runs 3 legs, each leg ranging between 4 – 12 km and varying in difficulty.
(Easy-Moderate-Difficult-Very Difficult)

Registration Procedures:
1. Get Registration Forms from any Chris Sports Branch 
2. Fill up forms:
Form A1: Team Registration Form: Form a team of 10 members , pick the Team Captain, Co Captain, and let the captains fill out all fields in this form in two (2) copies.
3. Submit forms:
Form A1: Submit to any Chris Sports branch nationwide
4. Pay your joining fees:
Go to any Chris Sports branch nationwide, submit copy 1 (Chris Sports Epic Relay copy) of completely filled out Form A1 to cashier, pay applicable fees, and demand a receipt. Ask cashier to affix PAID stamp to copy 2 (Team Captain’s copy).
Applicable fees:
**PHP 13,500 per team for Categories: Corporate/Call Center, All Men, Coed
**PHP 10,750 per team for Category: Ultra
All paid fees are non-refundable. Substitution of members is allowed. (Rules and deadlines apply)
5. Validate your registration by sending an e-mail to:, c/o Arleen Lindo.
Write the following basic details:
• Team name
• Category chosen
• Names of Team Captain and Co-Captain
• Chris Sports Branch where you filed the registration and paid your fees
• Receipt number
6. Wait for the reply that will be given to the sender to acknowledge receipt of the e-mail.
Chris Sports MARKETING : 02 788 2916

Course Overview and Leg Route Details

Definition of Terms:
PIT STOP- designated areas where team vans are permitted to park and give support to their runners within a Leg of the race. Not all Leg Routes have Pit stops. Team vans must park only in Pit Stop areas to avoid being penalized.
VEP- Vehicle Exchange Points, these are designated stages in the race where both team vans will park and meet up as they hand over the team baton and running duties to the next set of runners.
REP - Run Exchange Points are stations where a runner hands over the relay baton for the next runner to continue the race. All runners will have to be recorded and verified by officials before their team can proceed. In case of multiple runners arriving at a REP station, the officials will apply the “First Come, First Served” rule.

 From Light House of Subic all the way to San Narcisco as U-Turn then Go back all the way to Subic...

LEG DISTANCE                 11.4
RACE DISTANCE              11.4 

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